Great Doberman Facts

Here are some interesting great Doberman facts which you may find very unusual and fascinating.Great Doberman Facts

  • The original Dobermans were bred somewhere in the middle 18th century by a police man named Karl Dobermann. He wanted a dog breed which was going to be a help dog to its master.
  • In 1884, the first dogs were trained in Germany as potential soldier support dogs. A war school was made near Berlin, and the Doberman breed was included in this training programme.
  • 30,000 dogs were trained for the Army in Germany in the school. These included Dobermans, which were trained to be guard dogs, delivery dogs, messenger dogs and even dogs of mercy helping the medical corps to find out the whereabouts of injured soldiers.
  • During the first World War, a dog could go into no man’s land under Barbed wire. They could wriggle through areas where it was dangerous for human beings to go. That is why dogs were used extensively during The World War to be a support to human soldiers.
  • These dogs are still being used as police dogs and soldier dogs in armies in most parts of the world.

Facts about your Doberman puppy and dog:

A Doberman puppy is programmed to please his master. That is why it tries its best to stay near you and to show you in every way it can, that it is going to protect you, and vice versa.

Doberman puppies may turn aggressive when they know that the human beings they considered to be the alpha are not capable of making decisions which the puppies consider necessary for the well-being of the family. That is why they may bite, and bark at you.

Doberman and hierarchy

A Doberman considers any child in the family to be a puppy. That is why it is going to treat children as a puppy to be protected. On the other hand, it is going to treat adults as an adult “dog” of the pack. It is either going to try to please the alpha male adult or it is going to try to take away the alpha male position in the family hierarchy.

A Doberman puppy considers anybody taking part in the training session to be a superior member of the hierarchy. That is why it is necessary for you to make sure that everybody in the family takes an active and enthusiastic role in training the Doberman puppy.

The Doberman is basically a pack dog. However, it considers one member of the family to be superior to itself. It is then going to attach itself to that particular member. That is the reason why you find it following you wherever you go. You may also find it underfoot all the time. It wants to take care of your well-being. It is only going to relax when you sit down after the day’s work is done and it can put its head on your slipper.

The original Doberman strain was nearly destroyed during the world war years from 1914 to 1918 in Germany. That was because people could not afford to feed them. Doberman breeders sold their dogs to people from neutral countries hoping that they would be protected. This action paid off because in 1921, 119 Dobermans were exhibited in a dog show.

So now that you know these interesting facts about Dobermans, if you are tempted to buy one, go ahead. Dobermans are the best choice of guard dogs available to you today!