About Doberman Ear Cropping

Is Doberman ear cropping necessary? A number of people consider this to be a really traumatic experience for the puppy, but recent reports have shown that the Doberman puppy does not feel uncomfortable after this cosmetic procedure.

About Doberman Ear CroppingWhat is Doberman Ear Cropping?

A Doberman is born with long and floppy ears. These ears have an outer membrane, which is trimmed by a skillful and experienced veterinary surgeon. He looks at the shape and the size of the head before he decides on the best crop style to allow the ear to stand up, perk up, or lay down flat like a normal dog’s ear.

Doberman ear cropping cannot be done by just anyone. You need to make sure that the veterinary surgeon has been trained in these cropping procedures. Dog breeders normally get this ear cropping procedure over and done with before they sell the puppies to their respective owners. So beautifully and artistically cropped ears are going to enhance the looks and increase the price of your Doberman puppy.

Doberman Ear Cropping – Ear Care

Just like any other surgical procedure, you need to guard against infection after an ear cropping procedure has been done on your Doberman puppy. This ear care is going to include:

  • Regular changing of the bandage with a new and properly sterilized bandage.
  • Wrapping up and taping the ears in a post position [standing up position]. This is so that the ear cartilage gets a chance to stiffen. This means that the properly healed Doberman’s ear is going to function as a stiffly held up dog ear in the future.
  • Keep the operated ear dry and dust free.
  • Prevent the puppy from scratching it.

How Long does the Doberman Ear Cropping Procedure Take?

The Doberman ear cropping procedure is going to take anywhere between a couple of weeks to a number of months. That depends on the dog and the crop that you want. It is going to consist of three major steps. The first step is when the surgeon cuts the membrane all the way from the base to the tip. He has been going to stitch the seam and dress it.

Your puppy is going to be put under anesthesia during this procedure. Some surgeons may advocate dressing and posting the ears right after the operation is done while others wait until they are healed. Antibacterial creams can be used on the ears to prevent any sort of possible infection. Once the seams are healed and the stitches have been removed, the third part of the operation is done. This is the taping and posting of the ears. You as an owner need to know how to re-tape and repost the ears because this is a continuous process and you may not be able to afford to bring your Doberman puppy to the vet for taping and posting so often.

Your puppy is possibly going to be afraid when you handle its ears. Do not coddle it or show that you are confused. This fear is going to be transmitted to it. On the other hand, if you show that you are confident while you are doing this reposting procedure, the puppy is going to accept this as a normal activity.

What to do if your Doberman ear crop starts to emit an odor of probable infection? Remove the wrapping immediately and consult your vet. This infection is rare because he will have prescribed the proper medicines to apply on the ears after you have cleansed them with an antibacterial cleaning solution.

Do not allow the ears to lie down flat and folded.

Now that you know all about the Doberman ear cropping procedure and all that it entails, get this ear cropping done by an experienced veterinary surgeon.