About Doberman Mixes

Learning More About Doberman Mixes

About Doberman MixesHow can one talk about Doberman mixes when it is supposed to be a purebred breed? Well, one may smile at the thought of a Doberman being considered to be one of the purebred breed of dogs, considering the breeds that went in to create a Doberman. That is because the Doberman is basically a mixture of Rottweilers, German pinschers, greyhounds, terriers, and Beauceron breeds. This brainchild of Karl Doberman who was a tax collector in East Germany and was faced with irate people not willing to pay the taxes shows why the Doberman is not only a protector of its master, but it is also tough enough to look as a powerful enforcer to the public.

The Doberman Breed – Doberman Mixes

The original Doberman breed was definitely not the sleek lean mean fighting machine that you see so often taking away the prize at dog shows. It was a medium-sized long haired deep chested dog with heavier bones. The English Greyhound gave its sleek lines to the later stage of Doberman pinchers in the 1900s, six years after the death of Karl Doberman.

The Doberman was originally bred to be an aggressive and one-man fighting dog. However, you may want to breed the Doberman with other dogs to get a more social, affectionate and less aggressive strain. Many pure breed dog breeders are not in favor of dog mixes because they are under the impression that the purebred strain gets diluted in this process. What they do not understand is that the best dogs have been made through continuous mixtures in order to get the best attributes of two mixed breeds in a new puppy litter. So if you are not bothered about blood lines but you are looking for good health, longevity, calm temperament and intelligence, you can try Doberman mixes created with other dog breeds.

What are the advantages of Doberman Mixes?

When you are thinking so deeply about Doberman mixes, you can look into the idea of inherited and inbred Doberman genetic diseases being bred out because they have been mixed by a healthier, sturdier and more robust gene line and stock.

Make sure that you choose a breed for a Doberman mix of the same size and temperament as your own dog breed. Do not try breeding your Doberman with a smaller breed. That may turn out to be a disaster especially if you have a dog with a disproportionate body structure and weaker body frame.

Look for a breed which is not so aggressive because you do not want both the sire and the dam to be of aggressive breeds, do you?

Doberman – Golden Retriever Mix

Breeding a mix is always a gamble because you do not know what the end result is going to be. However, you know that these are the possible attributes which you might find in a Doberman – golden retriever mix. This will all depend on the dominant gene. You can thus expect –

  • Physical looks of a golden retriever
  • Physical looks of a Doberman with some physical characteristics of a golden retriever.
  • Intelligence and temperament of either a golden retriever or a Doberman
  • Hairy Doberman with the retrieving skills of a retriever and the tracking skills of a Doberman.

The physical, mental and health combinations can be endless here.

Did you know that mixed breeds, [taking human beings as an example too] which are so scoffed at by the so-called “purebreds” have managed to produce some of the most beautiful examples of dogs (and human beings)? That is why the idea of Doberman mixes should produce a puppy litter of excellent qualities.

So now that you know all about Doberman mixes and their advantages why do not you try out a Doberman mix the next time you buy a puppy?