About The Doberman Breed

Getting to Know More About the Doberman Breed

About The Doberman BreedIf you are looking for a guard dog and a watchdog, here is some important information about the Doberman breed. These dogs were originally bred by Karl Doberman in the East German city of Apolda during the late 19th century. He did not intend this breed to be a family pet dog. However, he was looking for an intelligent dog which would be easily trained, and would be a police, a soldier and a guard dog. It would be a human support and working dog, fighting by the side of its master.

  • Male Dobermans are normally between 65 to 71 cm in height.
  • Female Dobermans are anywhere between 63 to 65 cm in height.
  • They can weigh between 30 – 35 kg.
  • They have a comparatively short lifespan, when compared to long-lived dog breeds like German shepherds and Labradors. 10 – 12 years is about the time in which you can enjoy your Doberman’s company.
  • They need to eat balanced meals consisting of 400 g of meat, 400 g of bones and 200 g of vegetables every day in order to keep healthy.
  • The Doberman breed is found in a large number of colors depending on the line and stock from which there were bred.
  • The original Doberman breed was bred from Pinscers, wolfhounds, Rottweilers and Beaucerons during Karl Doberman’s first breeding program. In the 1840s. English Greyhounds and terriers came into the mixture in the 1900s.

Consider the Doberman to be an excellent retriever because it has a highly developed sense of smell and sight. They are excellent tracking dogs and that is why they are used extensively in the police force to track down human beings and even wild animals. That is because they are able to focus on one scent instead of getting sidetracked by other scents, as is often the case of most other dog breeds.

About the Doberman breed – a social dog

A Doberman needs company. Do not try to isolate it and leave it locked in your house, for long periods of time when you are away. It is going to find a way to get out and find some human being to whom it can attach itself. The Doberman needs to have a large social circle consisting of dogs and humans around it. That makes it feel that it has a lot of people in its pack which it needs to protect. This is going to keep your Doberman happy.

About the Doberman breed – playful high – energy dog

A Doberman is going to consider the children of the house to be puppies it needs to protect because they are so vulnerable. That is why, it is always going to follow your child into the playground, in order to protect and take care of it. It is also going to join in all the high-energy games, but only when it has been brought up in such a manner while still a puppy. This early puppy training is to teach it to socialize and to get used to the presence of a large number of human beings who do not mind running around, laughing, and acting like normal and playful puppies. Some of the games which your Doberman enjoys is tag, running after Frisbees, fetch, and any other high-energy game.

So now that you know something about the Doberman breed, get this excellent watchdog to watch over you and your family.