Correct Foods For Your Doberman

It is necessary that you know all about the correct foods for your Doberman because this high-energy breed needs proper and right nutrition to keep it healthy and alert all the time.

Correct Foods For Your DobermanA number of people are confused about whether to give their Doberman natural foods, organic foods, or dog food? As nobody has bothered much about dog nutrition, there is plenty of conflicting information about this subject on the Internet. However, it is not necessary for you to look at conflicting information when you have this correct list for your Doberman list in front of you.

Correct Foods for Your Doberman Points

  • Proper dog nutrition for your Doberman should be age specific.
  • Dry kibble of a very high quality is always a good choice for your Doberman. It is also economical, especially when you are buying it in large quantities like a 40 pound bag. It should cost you anywhere between USD30-USD40 for that large sized bag and it is going to last you for a month.
  • What should the dog food be based on? The best choice is of course any food which is free of fillers and chemical-based by-products. The meat base should be lamb and chicken. Your dog is basically a carnivore. So do not feed it with a grain based dog food. Anything based on beef is also not suited for your dog, because beef has a natural antigen, which does not suit the dog’s digestive system. Besides this, beef has a large amount of protein which may do your dog a lot of harm in the long run.
  • Please remember to check up if the dog food has any artificial preservatives in it. Many dog food companies add BHA and BHT to the food content to stop it from decomposing during the passage of time. These two preservatives are very harmful and can cause renal problems in your Doberman.

It is more sensible to look at the best food combination, depending on the physiology and breed of your dog. So ask for food brands specifically created for Dobermans in your dog food store.

One always advises looking for dog food which has been made from organic products. That means that your Doberman is not eating chicken or lamb brought up on hormones. This food may be comparatively more expensive than the regular dog food brand, but you can consider this to be money well spent. You can also ask your vet to give you the right Doberman dog food recommendation.

How to Switch From One Dog Food To Another?

Many Doberman owners find that their dog is suffering from diarrhea after they had switched to another dog food. That is because the system has not got used to the new diet. An experienced vet is going to suggest that you mix the new dog food with the old food. If the new dog food suits your dog, increase its quantity until you stop using the old dog food mix completely.

Correct Foods For Your Doberman – The Natural Diet

Many Doberman owners take the trouble of cooking deboned chicken and rice and feeding that to their dog. This is an excellent idea, especially when you are feeding your dog with fresh and top quality ingredients and without any sort of harmful chemicals. You may also want to supplement this chicken + rice diet with some vitamin and mineral supplements as advised by your vet.

Correct foods for your Doberman – What about a raw food diet?

If you do not want to take the trouble of cooking meat and rice for your dog three times a day, you can also go in for the raw food diet. This is going to be a mixture of fresh meat -with the bones intact- and raw vegetables. Dogs enjoy eating raw bones while cooked bones – especially chicken bones – are dangerous because they may possibly splinter and damage the stomach and intestine of your Doberman.

Encourage your Doberman to eat raw fruit and vegetables because they can get natural fiber from this natural and healthy food. Start teaching it to eat this diet while it is still a puppy.

So now that you know all about the correct foods for your Doberman, start giving it these healthy food items from today itself.