Doberman Aggression

How do you handle an aggressive Doberman

Doberman AggressionPeople who are looking for a family dog especially when there are children in the family, are chary about big dog breeds like Doberman and wolfhounds. That is because they have been told that these breeds are watchdog breeds and guard dog breeds that are aggressive in nature. That is why an owner of a Doberman can come up way against an aggressive Doberman temperament.

Handling an aggressive Doberman situation

So what do you do when you are faced with your aggressive Doberman?

A Doberman may be loyal, intelligent, and easy to train by a person who it considers to be the alpha male of the pack. If you do not manage to make it understand that, it is going to consider itself the alpha male. That means that it is going to go in for dominant aggression. It means that it is going to try to train you to listen to it and obey it. If you do not do that, it is going to bark and bite.

Aggressive Doberman traits include –

  • barking
  • growling
  • biting
  • demanding your attention
  • ignoring the command given
  • jumping on you in order to subdue you

These are just some of the dominant aggression actions which are going to be done by your Doberman trying to gain alpha opposition in the pack hierarchy. You might find your dog nipping at you, if you ignore or do not listen to these canine displays of aggression. He does not intend to harm you. He just wants to tell you that he has asked you to do something and you have to do it. This growling, nipping and barking is just to warn you about your position in his idea of the hierarchy.

How to prevent this Aggressive Doberman Behavior

Once you have understood the reason why your Doberman is aggressive, you will have a better idea about what it wants to communicate to you. It is talking to you in its own Doberman language. Sometimes it may demand a show of affection from you. You may ignore its demand, but that means that it is going to think you to be. It is inferior in the pack hierarchy. It is then going to show its own superiority in subtle ways like nipping and showing its teeth.

Keeping a Doberman is definitely not a job for an amateur. The owner needs to know that he is going to be involved in a power struggle between his Doberman and him, continuously. That is why he needs to keep his alpha opposition intact through a continuous interaction with his dog and proper training. The dog should also learn his place in the family with you in control all the time.

Consistent training is the best way in which you can manage to keep your Doberman happy. It also knows that you know that you are in command of the situation. It also knows that you expect it to be an integral and useful part of the pack. So take care of your Doberman by “listening” to it and training it continuously. This is a really good way in which you can get your aggressive Doberman to work off its natural energy.