Doberman Breeding Information

A number of Doberman owners are very anxious to know all about Doberman breeding information, especially when they have bought their puppies with intent to breed them.

Doberman Breeding InformationLike with horses, this is where the future owners are going to request the blood lines of both the sire and the dam. That is why it is necessary for you know the Doberman breeding information of your puppy before you buy it. This information is going to be passed on to other breeders when your Doberman is put out to stud.

Doberman Breeding Information – The Best Breeding Period

A she Doberman comes into season for the first time when she is around six months old. This is the danger period because she is not mature enough or old enough to be a mother. However, she is in the maximum fertile stage and it is necessary to keep her away from other dogs. Look for registered dog breeders for the best match for your Doberman. These dog breeders should be able to help you place the puppies.

Doberman breeding information tips

  • Do not try to breed your Doberman if she is less than one year old.
  • These puppies have a better chance of placement, if your Doberman has passed an AKC CGC certificate test. This is a measurement of her intelligence, her social skills and her training skills.
  • Look very carefully for mental, behavioral and physical changes as your Doberman grows out of puppyhood into young adult stage.
  • A dog coming into heat is going to show it by frequent urination, starting about two weeks before it finally comes into heat. This is called scenting and it is to show its condition to male dogs in the vicinity.
  • The next stage is when the vulva starts to swell to about three times its normal size. This cycle is going to last for about nine days. Your dog may also show some reddish-brown discharge, according to its breed.
  • The last stage is the Oestrus stage, when the bitch is in heat. This is when your vet/breeder may ask you to bring your dog in for breeding and “ties”. A breeding session is known as a “tie”.

How Long Does It Take For You To Know Whether The Tie Has Been Successful?

You are going to get to know whether your Doberman has been “tied” successfully within five weeks. You can count the number of puppies through an x-ray at 40 to 50 days. However, many of the ties are successful especially if your breeder knows about the right time of the cycle.

It takes nine weeks for the puppies to be born. Make sure that you have a vet around to take care of the dam and to see if the puppies are healthy.

Doberman Breeding Information – Litter Boxes

Many people build litter boxes beforehand, in which they place the Doberman mother- to- be. Get her accustomed to that litter box and make it a comfortable place in which she can “litter” her puppies. Ask your vet for his/her suggestions to make the dog more comfortable. The puppies are going to be weaned at 3 to 4 weeks. This is when you begin to teach them how to socialize and also start on their puppy training sessions.

You can get more Doberman breeding information tips from your vet who knows all about your Doberman’s lines and health. So please do NOT use your Doberman as a breeding machine. You want high quality healthy and thoroughbred puppies from her. So take extremely good care of your Doberman’s physical and even mental needs while she is breeding. Make her know that you are proud of her achievement.