Doberman Colors

Knowing More about Doberman Colors

Doberman ColorsThe original Doberman line bred in the late 19th century by Karl Doberman had a number of colors because he was not bothered about displaying the Doberman as a show dog. He wanted a Doberman to be a useful working watchdog. That is why the original Doberman was a stocky long haired dog in a number of colors.

These colors were:

  • White
  • Black
  • Fawn
  • Tan
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Blue

This was because the original Doberman line was made up of dogs of different breeds, including Beaucherons, pinschers, greyhounds and terriers.

What are the recognized Doberman colors?

Dog shows have set the standard for recognized Doberman colors for Doberman show dogs. These include blue Dobermans which is just a diluted black. Fawn is the original red in a diluted form. These four colors – blue, black, fawn and red are recognized in shows and events.

What about white – albino colors?

Some are under the impression that white is an unnatural and albino color in a Doberman, and should not be bred because it shows inferior genetic bloodlines are wrong. There is no scientific fact which shows that the color of your Doberman’s coat is going to guarantee that it is going to be a prize-winning show dog when compared to an albino dog. The point here, which you should look at, is the bloodline of your particular puppy.

This idea of fawn, blue and albino being genetically inferior is foolish. It is almost as bad as saying that redheaded people with green eyes are more prone to high blood pressure or neurological problems, just because a couple of redheaded and green eyed people in your circle are suffering from these ailments. This statement is patently silly and ridiculous. Their physical attributes and general health is due to their genetic makeup and genes. This is exactly the same with Dobermans and with other dogs too.

Doberman Colors and Inherited Weaknesses

Doberman coat colors do not have anything to do with inherited genetic diseases. These diseases are unfortunately caused due to the genetic line of the Doberman, which is a rich mixture of terriers, wolfhounds, greyhounds, Beaucherons, pinschers and other medium-sized deep chested dogs.

So you are going to find Doberman pinschers with black and red coats. These colors are going to be diluted into blue and fawn. Fawn colored Dobermans are called Isabel Dobermans. Albinos are rare mutants and have completely white coats. Some people do not advocate breeding albinos, but as long as you have a dog which is intelligent, healthy, long-lived and not prone to genetic diseases, you are making a mistake here in not using its good bloodlines. Besides, all albinos do not breed albinos thanks to Mendel’s law of inheritance.

Are some Doberman Colors Better Than Others?

The answer here is a definite “no”. Do not go by some breeder trying to sell you a puppy by telling you that it is a black “purebred” Doberman and it is going to be a future dog show winner. Instead, look at the Doberman gene lines of that puppy. If it comes from good stock it does not matter whether it is a blue, or a black, red or a fawn Doberman; you have a healthy puppy here.

So now that you know more about Doberman colors, look at the bloodlines before you buy a puppy.