Doberman Name Ideas

Are you looking for unique and one of a kind Doberman name ideas for your Doberman?

Doberman Name Ideas!Here are some tips which you would want to look at, before you choose the right Doberman name.

Choosing the right Doberman name for your puppy-

  • Remember to choose a name which can be easily understood by the puppy.
  • Start getting the puppy used to its new name from day one. Pat it while crooning its name to it, so that it assimilates and gets used to the sound of its new name.
  • Once you name it, you should try your best not to change it. That is only going to confuse the puppy. Do not get it used to Wolf for three months, and then suddenly decide that you liked Danny better. It will not understand that and will not respond to Danny.
  • You might go in for trendy names as well as classical names. Nevertheless, as Dobermans are a German breed, many people go in for names of Germanic origin.
  • Choose a name which can be said easily. Fido has been a very popular name since ancient times, because it is originally Greek and it means “I am faithful.”
  • Do not choose a name which may sound ridiculous when you call it aloud. Also, do not call it by any other name during training sessions. One hears of a trainer who had a puppy called Xander, who could not resist shouting at it  when he lost patience during training sessions, calling it “You rascal!” The dog began to think that its name was Rascal and would not respond to Xander. This naturally caused the trainer a lot of problems, especially when he had to shout “You Rascal” in order to command it. One can understand the amount of times he had to apologize to listeners that he was not calling them names!
  • Do not use names which are common human names in your area.
  • You may want to choose striking names from ancient times or from classic mythology so that your Doberman’s unique identity is enhanced in the ears of the human listener

How to choose the right Doberman name ideas

If you like a name, speak it loudly a couple of times, trying it out for sound, as the saying goes. Would you like to be called Froufrou? Would you like shouting out Froufrou out aloud? No, so try out another name for your Doberman. Try Xena. Do not use names like Apollo which unfortunately have been overused by Doberman breeders in order to attract prospective clients. Try choosing something unique.

Also, make sure that the Doberman name does not have any slang-ish or pejorative meaning in any language. You may find a complete stranger walking up to you and telling you that the name that you are shouting out aloud is a very abusive or possibly offensive word in his language. This may turn out to be very embarrassing, especially when you are calling your dog a vulgar epithet all unknowingly in public.

Here are some unusual names in which you would like to try for your dog – Ace, Alexis, Arrow, Blade, Baron, Boots, Dinah, Branko, Aisha, Gabriel, Alpha, Bella, Bonny, Cossack, Calypso, Duke, Dakota, Diamond, Falco, Fleur, Hannibal, Igor, Laser, Rusty etc.

You can use names of places or even weapons to get the best Doberman name ideas!