Doberman Puppy Training

Getting To Know More About Doberman Puppy Training

Doberman Puppy TrainingAre you interested in Dobermans as a guard dog breed and Doberman puppy training? A Doberman is a comparatively new breed, bred in Germany by Karl  Doberman about 150 years ago. He wanted a dog breed which was intelligent, loyal, and could be easily trained as a guard dog. So if you want a well-trained Doberman you need to concentrate on Doberman puppy training from day go itself.

Doberman Puppy behavior

A Doberman is a “pack” breed and it instinctively follows the leader. That is the reason why your Doberman puppy is going to try to please you, because it considers you to be the leader. This is the moment when you have to impress your superior personality on your puppy so that it knows that you are the alpha male of the Pack.

These are some points which you would need to look at while going through systematic Doberman puppy training.

  • Be firm but never be cruel
  • Be patient
  • Keep the training sessions interesting yet consistent and of limited periods of time.
  • Remember to appreciate your puppy when it follows your commands in a correct manner
  • Understand that Doberman puppy behavior like biting and growling is not aggressiveness; it is just its way to communicate with you while developing its instinctive physical and mental abilities.

So how do you train your Doberman puppy?

Start Doberman puppy training at six – seven weeks. You have had all this time since the puppy’s birth to get the puppy to recognize you instinctively. It has also been weaned. Touching the puppy and talking to it makes it understand that you have its well-being at heart. It may start barking at you and jumping towards you to get you to appreciate it and to recognize it as a member of the pack.

Do you consider the human baby to have the intellectual, physical and mental capacities of a fully grown human adult? If the answer is no, why should you consider a Doberman puppy to have the same intelligence and physical strength of an adult Doberman? So treat the puppy the way you would treat a human baby. Do not shout at it or scare it in any way. It is your job to mold the puppy to your own requirements, through proper Doberman puppy training.

How to stop your Doberman puppy from chewing?

Remember that the Doberman is basically a guard dog. That is what makes it want to try its teeth on anything it sees. Besides this, Doberman puppies are going to start teething early and that is why they are going to start chewing everything within range as soon as they are about 2 to 3 months old.

Here are some easy ways in which you can stop your Doberman puppy from chewing:

a)     Make sure that your Doberman puppy is not bored. An idle puppy may have lots of time to sit down and chew, but if it is kept busy throughout the day exercising and running about and interacting with other family members. It will have less time to be destructive.

b)     Keep a chew item handy. The moment your puppy starts to chew on any undesirable item, say “no” firmly. This is going to train it to learn the command word “no.” Now replace that particular item with the right chew item. Appreciate it when it recognizes the right item and chews it. Being an intelligent dog it is going to understand the difference between “no” and “good dog”. Other basic commands are “come”, “sit” and “stay.”

Remember that proper and systematic Doberman puppy training can only be done through lots of love, patience and perseverance. So make sure that you do it in a systematic manner in order to have a happy, contented and well-adjusted Doberman in your house.