Doberman Training Tips

Getting To Know More About Useful Doberman Training Tips

Doberman Training TipsWhy do you need Doberman training tips right now? A badly trained Doberman is not only a nuisance to its family but it can also be considered to be a potential danger to the people which come in contact with it. That is because this Doberman breed is basically an aggressive breed trying to gain the alpha male position in what is the Doberman considers being the social hierarchy. That is why here are some points which you need to keep in mind before you start on proper Doberman training.

Doberman Training Tips And Techniques

Doberman training is best left to professionals who know what they are doing. Nevertheless, if you intend to train your Doberman yourself, make sure that the whole family is involved in this training procedure. This means that the seven-week-old Doberman puppy understands that all of you belong to one pack. The handler [you] is the alpha male and the Doberman puppy has to learn how to obey him for the good of the pack.

Be consistent

Some people are under the impression that Doberman training is very difficult. That is because they do not have the patience or the aptitude for training and energetic and intelligent dog well. They are also not consistent in their training programs. They may teach him to learn the command “no,” for a couple of months and then change the command to “do not do that.” The Doberman is going to be confused here because he associates your body language with the word “no.” On the other hand, you are saying something which he cannot understand. So do not try to confuse it with changing commands.

Be patient and understand the needs of your dog

Consider a Doberman to be one of the dog breeds who loves to please its friend and master. It is going to enjoy learning from a trainer who understands dog behavior well. A Doberman has a very strong will. That is why even a Doberman puppy is going to try to take over control over the Family which it considers to be the pack. However, you need to make it understand these four points:

  • It is not in its natural environment at the moment
  • It is being trained to get what it wants , but in your way
  • It is also being trained in your idea of pack discipline
  • It has to follow you and your orders for the good of the pack because you are the alpha male.

Once it gets to know this, and also understands that your will is stronger than its will, it will settle down into a contented and properly trained dog.

Doberman training tips – Why does a Doberman Puppy Try to Jump up and Lick Your Face?

Doberman puppies like other dog breeds are instinctively asking for affection and acceptance from other pack members when they try to jump up and lick your face. So how do you stop it from doing that?

  • Turn away the moment the dog tries to lick you, after saying “no.”
  • Then say “sit” very firmly. Your puppy is not going to understand these commands and it is going to bark. It may also jump around you trying to reach your face and lick you.
  • Help it to sit.
  • When it is in a sitting position, show your affection towards it by rubbing its body and calling it a good dog. Let it lick you now. This is its way of showing its affection and it needs to do that. Remember that dog owners have to face the fact that dogs use licking as a medium of showing their love and affection for their owners. If you try to prevent them from doing so, they are going to be worried about whether you have stopped loving them. Your way of showing them affection is of course going to be rubbing them, scratching them behind the ears and talking to them in a soft voice.
  • If your dog gets up from the sitting position, stop patting it and turn away.

So now the dog is going to understand that the easiest way which it can receive affection is to sit down and look at you. Remember to respond to this appeal. Not only is this well-trained behavior going to astonish all your visitors, but your dog has been trained to get what it wants through some actions taught to it by its owner. Use these Doberman training tips to train your puppy right now.