Dobermans and Children

Knowing More about Dobermans and Children

Dobermans and ChildrenHave you heard horror stories about Dobermans and children? Well, you can reassure yourself with the fact that the average Doberman is a very protective dog. You may find rare cases, where a dog suffers from behavior problems and does not like children, but that is going to be found in any dog or cat breed for that matter. A Doberman is going to consider children to be the puppies in the pack. It knows how valuable they are to the pack. That is why it is going to protect the children of the family.

That is why a Doberman is about the best guard dog which you can have for your children especially when there is the chance of strangers being around to cause them harm.

Dobermans and children – the protective instinct

The protective instinct of a Doberman is highly developed. That is why it is considered to be one of the best guard dog breeds for your child. However, there is one drawback in this protectiveness. The Doberman may attack any relative or friend, who goes near the child because it is under the impression that the person is potentially dangerous.

Any relative laughing loudly with a show of teeth in front of the child may trigger this sort of protective behavior in your Doberman. Showing the teeth means that the child is being threatened by the adult human. That is why you need to be the alpha in the pack, and should be able to control the Doberman from attacking the acquaintance, friend or relative.

Your Doberman may also feel that the child is being threatened under these circumstances:

  • Horse play and a child running about screaming with another child following it.
  • A child being lifted up by an adult
  • A child being approached by an adult and being shown affection in a physical form. Hugs and kisses may be the human way of showing affection to a loved child, but if that activity is done by a person who the Doberman does not recognize as an immediate member of the pack, it is going to attack and protect the “puppy”.
  • These are just some of the instances when the “nanny” in the Doberman comes out and it is going to react in an instinctive and aggressive manner towards the supposed “aggressor.”

However, if the Doberman is included in any rough-and-tumble games since it was a puppy, it is going to understand that this is part and parcel of human pack behavior. In the same manner, you need to “introduce” your acquaintances to your Doberman so that it understands that these people are also part of your pack. It is also going to recognize and understand this “play” activity, being done by all the human “puppies” of the pack.

The Doberman Breed – Best Breed Suited To Be A “Nanny” Dog

A Doberman is basically a steady and reliable sort of dog. Nevertheless, it has a protective instinct which says “attack now think later”, especially when it sees the puppy being threatened by anyone or anything. That may be good under such occasions when your child really needs protection from danger or finds itself in potentially harmful circumstances.

So now that you know that the well-trained Doberman is about the best nanny, you can have for your children, choose a Doberman to protect your child from harm and danger.