Dobermans in the Army

Getting to Know More about Dobermans in the Army

Dobermans in the ArmyDid you know that the first dog military training school was opened in Berlin in 1884, where Dobermans were included as soldier dogs to aid in military operations? These very intelligent dogs have been an integral part of the Army, since then. Dobermans in the Army played an important role in the First World War, especially when they were used as:

  • messenger dogs
  • medical aid dogs
  • dogs carrying ammunition
  • sentry dogs
  • patrolling and scout dogs

Dobermans were also used searching for hidden mines, during the Second World War. However, this activity was not successful when the dog was sent to the battlefield because it got confused with all the other noises and smells in the war zone. These dogs were used by the US Army in 1942 after the attack on Pearl Harbor. A number of dogs were recruited into the Army as soldiers and trainers were brought in to train them for fighting in the Pacific area.

Along with Dobermans, the other dog breeds recruited into the Army were other aggressive breed types like collies, sheepdogs, German shepherds and Pinscers. The Army brought in their own Army trainers to train and handle these dogs and since then that has been the normal dog training procedure in the U.S. Army. Dogs are also trained in many other armies by experienced dog trainers.

Dobermans in the Army-Training Sessions

A normal dog training session is going to consist of a 12 week training period. This is going to include basic obedience and teaching of commands. After that, they are going to be taught how to act in the presence of gunfire and military vehicles. They are also going to learn how to get accustomed to muzzles, standard Army equipment and gas masks. After the training session is complete, the dogs are going to be put onto different training session schedules according to their temperaments, intelligence, personality and abilities.

  • Sentry dogs are used for patrolling duties. These patrolling duties can include patrolling border areas and coastlines. These dogs are also employed in peacetime conditions for guarding against smugglers, drug dealers and also people trying to enter into a country illegally.
  • Messenger dogs carry messages to and from different posts through dangerous areas.
  • Combat dogs are used to “tell” their handlers about the presence of the enemy by “pointing” to them silently. These dogs have been used in Korea, Vietnam, Operation Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan. It is estimated that they have saved about anywhere between 5000 – 10,000 soldiers’ lives through their alert – enemy ahead signals.

These Doberman soldiers in the Army are treated like soldiers. They have also been awarded gallantry medals for conspicuous bravery on the battlefield. Naturally, the number of casualties of dog soldiers during all these wars have been quite high because more than 1500 of these well-trained soldiers have fallen casualties while protecting their human friends. The first Memorial was raised in Guam in their memory to these ever faithful brave and loyal soldiers in 1944.

Dobermans in the Army play an important role as brave soldiers there. So along with the praise given to this hardy breed, praise should also be given to the experienced and patient handlers which take full advantage of the great potential of the Doberman temperament.