Exercising Your Doberman

Why is exercising your Doberman necessary? That is because it is a very high energy, high active breed.

Exercising Your DobermanYour Doberman needs to be stimulated physically and mentally every day in order to keep it happy that is why your exercise session should be included in the form of physical exertion as well as mental exercise sessions.

Exercising your Doberman while Training It

A good trainer is going to make sure that the Doberman training session includes lots of activities which help exercising your Doberman. Not only is this going to build up the stamina of your dog, but also give it an opportunity to stay in a very highly fit state of physical and mental alertness.

Try these enjoyable games with your Doberman.

  • Chasing Frisbees.
  • Playing cops and robbers
  • Running after a ball
  • Going through vigorous running, jumping, leaping and other strenuous physical exercise routines.

Consider these exercise sessions to be training sessions. Consistent exercise sessions mean that the Doberman knows that you enjoy lots of physical activity in its company. Jogging is also not enough for your Doberman, because no human being can sustain that consistent amount of high-energy required by a Doberman which he needs to keep himself healthy. That is unless, of course, you happen to be in top physical condition yourself.

Exercise Sessions With Other Dogs

A Doberman cannot be restricted to a small exercise area. That is why these exercise sessions can all be done in a wide open space. If you have a large yard, which is fenced, you can use this area for running with your Doberman. A Doberman is not going to be happy in a flat or in a small house. It is much better to think of keeping another dog with your Doberman, which can chase it around. This is a good way in which both of them can exercise themselves throughout the day.

Along with physical exercise, a Doberman needs mental exercise sessions. So if you do not go through the learning sessions which you have taught to him in the past, he is going to think that they are not important in your scheme of things. So he is going to forget them.

You may want to exercise with your Doberman with you on a cycle and your Doberman running after you. Remember to do this exercise in a place free from traffic. Your Doberman should also be well trained to run by your side during this exercise session. Children really enjoy this sort of cycling exercises with their pet Dobermans.

Rollerblading with your Doberman is also an excellent way in which the both of you can get plenty of exercise. These fresh air activities are extremely healthy and beneficial for your Doberman’s physical well-being. It also increases its stamina and helps it stay alert and active. Also, plenty of physical exertion can give you an inkling of whether your puppy is a healthy specimen or not. Easily tired adult dogs may be suffering from possible heart problems, which is a genetic failing in the Doberman breed.

Exercising your Doberman regularly and every day is necessary to keep it healthy and happy. So do that without fail!