How To Stop Doberman Barking

A number of Doberman owners are looking for easy ways in which they can stop Doberman barking.

How To Stop Doberman BarkingRemember that every dog uses his bark as a communication method. However, Dobermans which are a guard dog breed use their bark as a threatening signal in order to keep intruders away. Dobermans are also very social and they like staying with the alpha male of the pack meaning you. So a few your Doberman for long periods of time, and all alone, it is going to bark continuously. That is the reason why many owners need to train Dobermans in the “no bark” command.

Why does a Doberman bark continuously?

Here are some other reasons why your Doberman continues to bark.

  • This dedicated guard dog may suffer from separation tension as well as anxiety when it is away from you. The bark then means “where are you, I do not like being away from you”. It will stop barking only when you come back and it is reassured that you are all right.
  • Your Doberman is also going to start barking if it is feeling bored.
  • Does your Doberman need exercise and a bathroom break? Dobermans may start barking if their bladders are full and they have been trained did not to spoil or soil their kennels/crates.

Stop Doberman barking training techniques

  • Make sure that your Doberman is exercised regularly so that it can empty out its bladder in its chosen outdoor place.
  • Sometimes the Doberman may start barking in order to test the patience of its master and to see whether he gives the dog the “no” command or not. If you ignore this sort of behavior the dog is going to take it for granted that you are allowing it to get away with bad behavior. It is thus going to continue barking at odd times through a feeling of sheer mischief or boredom.
  • Appreciate your Doberman, when it follows your “no” command, which is given firmly. Then give it to treat or a chew toy so that it is not bored.
  • Play any sort of energetic game with it, so that it can be exercised. Dobermans need plenty of exercise to keep happy and contented.
  • Do not try any sort of physical correction on it by beating it. Be firm but never be overbearing, intimidating or cruel. The puppy is not only going to feel terrified of you  if you try to implement this sort of harsh discipline on it, but also it is going to begin to hate you. And you would not want an animal around which is ruled by hate and not by love, would you? There is always the chance that such a Doberman may go against its instinct and attack you one fine day, when it has lost all patience with you and your continuous beatings. Instead be patient as well as loving with it.

If you are training your dog not to bark, act like its mother would do. Do not show your teeth, and say “No” in a very firm, growly voice. Pinch it on the neck to show that you are the authoritative figure in the family while you are saying “no”. This is what Doberman mothers do when they are training their puppies to recognize the voice of authority

Do not overuse the “no” command when your dog is an adult. Your Doberman needs to learn that when you say no, you mean it. Nevertheless this verbal correction has to be done continuously to a puppy which is less than six months old, so that it recognizes this word. Tap it on the muzzle firmly and say no, in a strict manner, when it is barking needlessly.

Stop Doberman Barking When You Are Not In The House

Your Doberman needs to learn not to bark when you are not present. Put it in its crate and then leave the room or the house. If you do not hear the sound of a bark for about 10 min, go back in, appreciate it and give it a treat. Also, give it a number of toys on which it can keep busy so that it does not start to bark the moment you leave it. Continue this training session again and again until it learns not to bark when you are away.

Now that you know all about how to stop Doberman barking, implement these training techniques right away.