The Doberman Temperament

The Doberman temperament makes it one of the best choices as a loyal and faithful friend, reliable, keen and trustworthy guard dog. On the other hand, you may find it to be.The Doberman Temperament

  • Aggressive
  • Possessive
  • Vigilant
  • Observant
  • Alert
  • Attentive
  • Has very highly developed extrasensory capacities of sight and smell
  • Is very curious about what is going on in the vicinity.

These are just some of the qualities which are attributed to a Doberman. However, aggressive does not mean that the Doberman breed is as vicious as say a pit bull or even a dog belonging to a smaller breed like a Pomeranian or a poodle which may bite without provocation.

The Doberman temperament – Giving it challenges

Dobermans are not brutal or even malicious in nature. However, this brave heart is ready to protect its pack from danger at all times. This includes protecting its leader – the alpha male of the pack = from danger, because it is instinctively programmed to do so. That is why this instinctively aggressive behavior needs to be channelized in a more manageable and constructive form. This is where you need to see that your Doberman gets rid of this building up energy and aggression through continuous exercise and through challenges which keeps it fighting fit.

Consider your Doberman to be giving you it’s all mentally and physically during any activity you demand of it, because it is built that way. Its main focus is to show you that it is a worthy member of the pack and that you should never feel ashamed of it, ever. So that is why you need to understand the Doberman temperament which demands continuous activities, in the form of silly games, training sessions and lots of human and dog give and take, which bonds them together.

The Doberman temperament – one-man dogs

Dobermans are considered to be one man dogs. That is why they love their human alpha handlers and are quite willing to do anything to protect them. However, this sort of relationship can only be built when your Doberman respects you and knows that you love it wholeheartedly and respect its capacities. This properly channelized focus which so many human beings consider to be dangerous aggression is just part and parcel of the Doberman temperament. Nevertheless, they should understand that this instinctive aggressive temperament becomes dangerous only when the Doberman has not been trained and handled properly. Dobermans off duty are lovable, loving, playful and affectionate dogs. They are also tough guard dogs.

It is the sturdy, focused and reliable temperament of a Doberman which allows it to face potential danger and stressful situations and conditions in an intelligent and sensible fashion. Compare this with other breeds which are not bred to face danger. They are going to “break” while facing a potentially dangerous condition and decide to save themselves first rather than save other members of the pack.

The fearless Doberman temperament

A dog which is afraid is going to react aggressively in a potentially dangerous situation by scratching and biting and fighting it out in order to protect itself. However, well trained Dobermans do not hesitate in facing danger, and that is why they can be put under a command situation very easily. A dog is quite capable of understanding instinctively whether the alpha male of the pack is comfortable with another potential alpha male human adult. If it thinks that you consider that other human being a friend, it is going to relax. Otherwise, it will be in a ready to attack mode, waiting for your command.

The Doberman is always alert. It enjoys moving through the house in order to find out what the other members of the pack are busy doing. It also keeps an eye on the neighbors and their whereabouts. As far as it can from its own yard. The Doberman temperament of a happy, contented normal and healthy makes it a working dog 24 x 7.